Vagrant (2022)

A bartender's guilt-ridden past is brought creeping back to life in full force by a relentless lone bar patron on a mission.

Will Murphy: Director, Editor, Writer

Fashion Masks Pro Commercial (2021)

Shot on iPhone10Xs!

Will Murphy: Assistant Director, Editor, Cinematographer

Molly's Cake (2021)

A young woman stands up to her boyfriend in terrifying fashion. (Soon to be re-edited!!)

Will Murphy: Director

Guilty(?) (2021)

A young woman struggles to make sense of the disturbing punishment she has been subjected to.

Will Murphy: Editor

The Invisible Man (2020)

A young girl is stalked by an unseen force in her own home.

Shot on iPhone10Xs!

Will Murphy: Director, Writer, Editor. Cinematographer

The Losers (2017)

The untold story of high school misfits who helped shape what the community of Lake Forest, IL looks like today.

Will Murphy: Editor, Director, Cinematographer